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Don’t Text & Walk Or Everyone at the Mall Will Laugh at You

Mashable: "Yes, texting and walking is downright rude (we’ve told you time and time again), but now we have proof that it’s actually harmful. Well, at least to one’s ego.

Check out the above video, which has been making its way around the web today. In it, mall employees watch security footage (over and over again) of some oblivious girl falling face-first into a fountain whilst tapping away at her phone."

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Syko3774d ago

I love the Security Guard doing dumb high school girl voice, "OMG What Happened?!"

I probably would have been fired if I was the security guard because I would have neglected all duties in favor of breaking this down like the zapruder film. (J.F.K. Video for you yung' ins' lol)

oilahize3774d ago

WTF? I didn't even know you could get that many bubbles.

Syko3774d ago

You can get up to 10...But I thought setting my self that high was obnoxious. =)

Perks of the position.

Shani3774d ago

LOL.. poor girl.. be careful next time.

Speed-Racer3774d ago

Just an update, this video is fake.

Speed-Racer3774d ago

Why mad disagree-ers? Clearly she lifted her foot onto the pool edge before falling in, and notice how no one reacted like OMG THAT DUMB BLONDE FELL INTO THE WATER, CALL SECURITY.

Quagmire3774d ago

"OMG, is there water in there?"

lol, americans.