iPhone 5 to get thinner than 9.3mm iPhone 4

Appyzilla: The next generation iPhone has made it to the headlines once again, after sharing a couple of drawings which indicates the concept of the next iPhone, recent reports have just exposed a recent patent application. (Images Inside)

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cheetorb4342d ago

So. A new Iphone is now nothing new.

Speed-Racer4342d ago

Well that's always been the trend. Add one feature...rebrand it as a totally new or updated phone.

Sahil4342d ago

Well, few unnamed reports are inclining towards a total redesign of the next iPhone, new processor, body and stuff.

Speed-Racer4342d ago

Hopefully they won;t have antenna issues this. Can you hear me now? :P

fatstarr4342d ago

whats the big deal.... its still really thin.

Sahil4342d ago

I heard they are planning on giving the xperia arc's thickness a tough time.

doctorstrange4342d ago

I dont want phones to get too skinny until they are flexible. Otherwise, they'll snap too easily

Ryudo4342d ago

Lol the Iphone is a LONG way away from begin flexible it's still built like a brick at 9.3.

ephoenix64342d ago

Steve jobs can make an iphone thinner than 10mm, but he he can't fix the suicide rate at foxconn

SquallLeonMGS4342d ago

Thinner and thinner till it can easily snap in yur pants pocket as you sit d0own

Bolts4342d ago

How about some real details like will it support 4G and come with a dual core CPU?

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