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IntoMobile - Motorola Atrix 4G – Hands-on

IntoMobile - Motorola just wrapped their CES 2011 Las Vegas press conference, and it was filled with exciting demos of the company’s new Android smartphones – like the Motorola Atrix 4G for AT&T. With a whopping 4.3-inch qHD capacitive touchscreen, 1GB of RAM, support for AT&T’s HSPA+ network, and a fingerprint scanner integrated into the power button, the Motorola Atrix 4G is one of the most impressive superphones we’ve come across in quite some time. And, to our pleasant surprise, Motorola topped off their press c

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Has Motorola Lost The Trust Of Its Users?

TheDroidGuy: "Users of the Motorola Atrix 4G were promised to get the update to Ice Cream Sandwich in Q3 of 2012 along with the Atrix 2. For some reason, Motorola dumped that promise, threw out the window and then proceeded to stomp on it."

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lukasz4161d ago

I have not seen a motorola around for a long long time


Motorola Atrix hits T-Mobile

Pocket-Lint: The inevitable rush of dual-core handsets has truly begun, with shop shelves gradually filling with powerful Android phones boasting juicy spec sheets.

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Motorola Atrix Review - GIGAlb

Azmi Sayadi of GIGAlb, "Motorola, a brand we are all familiar with because of its strong history in handsets offerings, yet today, not many of us are using any of them. We know that the mobile world is very competitive, especially when it comes to Smartphones, which market share has been increasing steadily in the past few years."

michass84683d ago

great phone, but the fact that you cant use the ordinary hdmi cable is a bit annoying, buying all this docks cost you fortune... and some reason I don't trust all those custom ROMs and hacks...