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LG Calls Windows Phone 7 Boring compared to Android

LG and Microsoft are huge partners in the laptop, netbook and desktop market but phones are another story. James Choi, marketing strategy and planning team director of LG Electronics global, sat down in an interview with Pocket-Lint to discuss WP7′s performance so far. Things aren’t looking to good for Microsoft’s latest offering, not only is LG disappointed in sales but Choi went on to say the phone is boring compared to Android(Ouch!).

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Speed-Racer4334d ago

no shait... win phone 7 is crap! they made i seem like such an innovation...yet android and iphones had these features ages ago

Techsmith4334d ago

Don't knock it till you try it, leave all that bashing to iPhone Fanboys :)

SandWitch4334d ago

In my opinion WP7 has a nice functions and runs nicely, but it is boring designed in comparison with Android or iOS

beast242tru4333d ago

i think windows phone 7 is pretty nice i neva tried android before so i cnt compare but i like wp7 a little more than the ios it been around looking the same for a while

killershadow1174333d ago

I have tried the Android OS on my friends phone and I just got the Samsung focus and I have got to say that the WP7 is way better. The pinch to zoom is way better and the web browser is light years ahead of Android. Other than that though the apps are the same and most of everything else starts up the same.

Techsmith4333d ago

Completely agree. I to have the Focus and man is it a super sleek phone. Android is good but i choose WP7, lets see what Gingerbread brings to the table.