Powermat's 2011 product roadmap: colorful iPhone cases, extended batteries, and more

Engadget: Much of this stuff was shown off publicly for the first time at CES last week, but we thought it might be interesting to get everything that wireless charging company Powermat has planned for 2011 into one convenient place -- and that's exactly what this here slide deck has done for us. The first products in the pipeline for this year include a charging case for the Nokia N8, targeted for early Q2, along with a two-device portable charging mat that includes a built-in battery (7,800mAh!) that promises up to four full smartphone charges while staying completely off the grid; look for those to run $40 and $130, respectively.

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Wireless charging fans, rejoice! Powermat fends off legal challenge

A ruling clears the way for Powermat to continue pushing wireless charging as a feature found in smartphones and coffee shops.


Starbucks to offer free wireless charging

Starbucks to offer free wireless charging at stores through a new charging device embedded into countertops and tables, the Powermat.

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The Future of Wireless Power (Tom's Guide)

Mary Branscombe from Tom's Guide looks at the different technologies being implemented in the wireless power sector, and how the companies involved are trying to make life power cable free.

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