Old Media slowly dying, Sony Shuts Down 50 year old CD-Manufacturing Plant

The days of the CD will be a thing of the past probably in the next decade, replaced by new media technologies like digital downloads. Sony will be shutting down its 50-year-old Sony CD manufacturing plant in Pitman, New Jersey.

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Techsmith4348d ago

Sad really, I still use CD's but theres no doubt its headed to the grave.

rockleex4347d ago

Bu-bu-but Bluray is not needed!

CD's for life! >:D

toaster4348d ago

CDs are old as hell, glad that they're dying off. Digital is the future.

snoop_dizzle4347d ago (Edited 4347d ago )

I occasionally still buy CD's, but mainly for lossless audio. I would go mainly all digital (which I sort of do already) if I could get a massive catalogue of legal lossless music online though.

AuToFiRE4347d ago (Edited 4347d ago )

cd are lossy audio, a full uncompressed song can be hundreds of megs for a 3 minute song

Finalfantasykid4347d ago (Edited 4347d ago )

*Misread your post*

snoop_dizzle4347d ago (Edited 4347d ago )

Your're right. I do have some files that are a few hundred megs at 88/24 and 96/24 that I got from sites like and the like. Though the size can greatly vary depending on the file format you use (like AIFF, Flac, etc.)

fatstarr4347d ago

Digital distribution will be the death of us...

Syko4347d ago

Legal Digital Distribution will be the death of us maybe. A free and open internet always produces a better product then the closed off corporate solutions. Yet they wonder why no one wants to use them? Hilarious really.

R.I.P. CD's, May the dirt fill in your scratches =)

fatstarr4347d ago

yea Legal* sorry about that... I just don't trust company's now a days. shadey with a cd or disk you always had the program but who knows what they will do when its out of the equation.

like when a game or something that sells for 40$ goes on sale for 10$ and they take out 80% of the game. oh the horror i see it now.

dkgshiz4347d ago

Archos or any of those media players to play FLAC audio. The best audio you can have.

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