Sony asks for restraining order against Geohot, fail0verflow over PS3 exploits

Engadget: We knew Sony would be non-plussed about the PlayStation 3 jailbreak, and now we have a better idea as to the full extent of its anger. The company has filed suit (not yet, see below) asked for a restraining order against George "Geohot" Hotz, the "hacking group" fail0verflow (Hector Cantero, Sven Peter, "Bushing," and "Segher"), and numerous John / Jane Does over the exploit and its release. To be more specific, the company cites violations of Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, various copyright infringements, and other acts of binary malfeasance.

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Captain Tuttle4454d ago

You're going to need it.

I'm not sure why they did this...desperation, panic? The stuff is out on the internet, they can't get it back. Did the RIAA's success at shutting down Napster stop music pirates? I heard that the failOverflow guys released all of there data in response to this, something they hadn't done before.

2011 will be an interesting year on the Sony/homebrew/piracy front.

Captain Tuttle4454d ago

Too late to edit.

Tools have been released, not sure this is what Sony was expecting.