How This $2,000 HDMI Cable Will Change Your Life

If you have an extra $2,000 in your home entertainment budget, consider investing it in the 12-meter AudioQuest Coffee cable. Oh, sure, it's not for everyone, but online customer reviews report life-changing and scientifically impossible experiences that you just can't get with your ordinary $5 HDMI cable.

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fatstarr4850d ago

hahahaha lol,

"this cable is so beautiful, you won't need a TV, media player, or even a gaming console. Just staring at the cable is enough to entertain your entire family."

GodsHand4850d ago


What's Included
AudioQuest Coffee 39.4' HDMI Cable
Product Features
From our expanded online assortment; not available in all Best Buy stores
Compatible with most HDMI-enabled devices
For a reliable connection.
Signal conductors
Controlled for digital audio direction. Audio return channel enabled.
Bidirectional Ethernet communication
For efficient operation.
Solid 10% silver-plated long-grain copper conductors
Along with a Dielectric-Bias System reduce jitter and distortion. PVC CL3/FT4-rated jacket.

Ok, so you get a 40' HDMI cable for over two grand, and it has Solid 10% silver-plated long-grain copper conductors. That does not even make sense to me. So is it 10% solid, with silver plating on copper, or 10% silver plating on soild copper.

Well atleast it can walk the dog, and entertain people just starring at the thing.

toaster4850d ago

Check out the reviews on that thing!

GodsHand4850d ago (Edited 4850d ago )

"What's great about it: Due to price, stealing it is a felony which is a good deterrant to would-be theives."

Check out their price book.

14.4 MB PDF

The diamond series cost even more. $9,800.00 (Special Order) for the same length.

WOW, this gear is for the serious person, with serious money.

Pearl HDMI - 39.5' - $169.00
Forest HDMI - 39.5' - $229.00
Cinnamon HDMI - 39.5' - $319.00
Chocolate HDMI - 39.5' - $599.00
Carbon HDMI - 39.5' - $969.00
Vodka HDMI - 39.5' - $1,399.00
Coffee HDMI - 39.5' - $2,200.00
Diamond HDMI - 39.5' - $9,800.00 (Special Order)

dkgshiz4850d ago

I checked them out. All of them are fake and you can detect the high amount of sarcasm in them.

dkgshiz4850d ago

You would have to be one major tool if you actually bought this. I guarantee my $6 HDMI cable I bought on newegg is just as good as this thing. You would have to be very materialistic to blow you're money on this turd.


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