Will There Be A "Facebook Phone?"

Running around the rumor mill for some time now, as the days grow longer, it’s validity grows stronger. Developed by INC, the mentioned “Facebook Phone” appears to have come out of the wood work.

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fatstarr3752d ago

whats the point most phones have facebook apps and widgets that do the same thing. i dont see anyone trading in a nexus 1 galaxys or iphone in for this phone if it ever came out.

but if it was 50$ and had a cheap contract sure why not.

dkgshiz3752d ago

This phone would be about as useless as FDR's legs.

iamnsuperman3751d ago

Just NO. Its like saying lets have a twitter phone. Just because something is big doesn't mean branching into totally different business. Facebook isn't important enough to warrent a facebook phone. If they got rid of facebook on all other phones people can still live with out it