Five reasons not to get the Verizon iPhone on day one

Now that the Verizon iPhone us official, I predict a mass exodus of AT&T defectors rushing to get their hands on the device. For that reason I complied my top five reason not to get the Verizon iPhone on day one.

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Blink18285334454d ago

Iphone users use twice the amount of data then android users and will strain the network. Give me a break. Verizons network is much better then ATT. This guy couldn't be more wrong.

fatstarr4453d ago

i rather just have my nice network not cluttered with iphone data.
i called people on new years but my iphone friend couldnt get a call through untill 12:20

Led-Zeppelin4453d ago

Iphone 5 or something like that is going to be released like in 5 months, so just wait!
Thats how Apple raped me when I got the iphone 3gs. When i bought it 2 months later they announce iphone 4 which is 10x better. Was mad as hell...

ngecenk4453d ago

yes, and other company tend to make one product and not releasing a better one for about ten to twenty years, rite?

Led-Zeppelin4453d ago

Ps3 has been out for 4 years and there still isnt any home video game console that is better. Apple is just rushing and not taking a good time developing something advanced enough to last more then 5 years with out upgrades like PS3 or Xbox 360.

So how about you have a nice cup of shut the fuck up, and think before you speak?