Is the Verizon iPhone the beginning of the end for Android?

Examiner: "With more competition coming from the likes of Apple, Microsoft, and HP thanks to its Palm acquisition, Android's once speedy rise to the top may come crashing down. The Global market will be another story".

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toaster4348d ago

What? This is silly. Right now iOS only has one main handset, the iPhone 4, while Android has hundreds of handsets across multiple versions of Android. I know a lot of my friends in the states will be switching over to Verizon since they were pretty much forced to use AT&T for iPhone. If anything it'll put AT&T out of business, they aren't really good at much of anything anymore.

Techsmith4348d ago

Totally agree with you, AT&t's "deathgrip" on the iPhone means it gravy train has left the station never to come back.