TechSpy at CES 2011 Part 2

We had an awesome time at CES and took tons of pictures. Most of these pictures were taken on the last day of the event when it was a lot less chaotic. Perhaps one of the most interesting pics was of a Sierra Nevada keg/custom pc, made by NVIDIA employee Ben Lzicar. Here are some of the last pictures which wrapped up our time at CES!

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Cat4346d ago

Where's toaster with more of his feedback... ;)

Syko4346d ago

He's scanning for everything we missed as we speak. Don't worry he will be here =/ lol

Cat4346d ago

hehe, I love you, toaster!!

toaster4346d ago

SO many TVs!! It makes me want to smash my SDTV into pieces forcing me to go buy a new HD one..

snoop_dizzle4346d ago (Edited 4346d ago )

While the 3D tech isn't totally appealing to me yet, there were some beautiful displays there nonetheless, and that means a potential drop in price on many tv's too. So keep your eye out for deals!

toaster4346d ago (Edited 4346d ago )

I had a Panasonic 42" HDTV when I lived in the states, but sadly I couldn't haul it across the Pacific Ocean to where I live now.. shipping would be insane. I'm not too fond of 3D, after watching some 3D movies at the cinema I knew it wasn't for me. Headaches and eye strain is not cool but I guess some people don't get the side effects. 3DTVs have options to turn off the 3D right? I'd love a new TV but can't deal with the 3D.

I also want a 120Hz monitor for my PC but not for 3D, Vsync it so I get 120FPS in games!

Syko4346d ago (Edited 4346d ago )

WTF is a SDTV?!? ;)

And come on snoop, you know that watching those ESPN 3D football highlights on that massive Sony screen made you want a nice 3D TV a little bit! lol