TechSpy at CES 2011 Part 2

We had an awesome time at CES and took tons of pictures. Most of these pictures were taken on the last day of the event when it was a lot less chaotic. Perhaps one of the most interesting pics was of a Sierra Nevada keg/custom pc, made by NVIDIA employee Ben Lzicar. Here are some of the last pictures which wrapped up our time at CES!

Cat4788d ago

Where's toaster with more of his feedback... ;)

Syko4788d ago

He's scanning for everything we missed as we speak. Don't worry he will be here =/ lol

Cat4788d ago

hehe, I love you, toaster!!

toaster4788d ago

SO many TVs!! It makes me want to smash my SDTV into pieces forcing me to go buy a new HD one..

snoop_dizzle4788d ago (Edited 4788d ago )

While the 3D tech isn't totally appealing to me yet, there were some beautiful displays there nonetheless, and that means a potential drop in price on many tv's too. So keep your eye out for deals!

toaster4788d ago (Edited 4788d ago )

I had a Panasonic 42" HDTV when I lived in the states, but sadly I couldn't haul it across the Pacific Ocean to where I live now.. shipping would be insane. I'm not too fond of 3D, after watching some 3D movies at the cinema I knew it wasn't for me. Headaches and eye strain is not cool but I guess some people don't get the side effects. 3DTVs have options to turn off the 3D right? I'd love a new TV but can't deal with the 3D.

I also want a 120Hz monitor for my PC but not for 3D, Vsync it so I get 120FPS in games!

Syko4788d ago (Edited 4788d ago )

WTF is a SDTV?!? ;)

And come on snoop, you know that watching those ESPN 3D football highlights on that massive Sony screen made you want a nice 3D TV a little bit! lol


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techie4783d ago

Hm, I'm not convinced by the PlayBook. Plus that's a stupid name for a tablet - sounds like a Hugh Heffner production.