Alienware M18x with dual AMD or Nvidia GPUs coming soon

Along with the revamped XPS 17 and M17x, Dell is preparing to unleash a massive Alienware notebook with two graphics chips. Unsurprisingly, the upcoming gaming system will use Intel's freshly introduced Sandy Bridge processors and it packs an 18.4-inch 1920x1080 LED-backlit glossy display. The Dell employee noted that another LCD option will be available, but he didn't provide any further details. A 3D-ready panel might not be out of the question.

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HotHardware: Alienware M18x R2 Gaming Laptop: Dual GPUs Attack

HotHardware: Calling the Alienware M18x R2 a laptop is like referring to a Harley Davidson as a bicycle. Both have handlebars and ride on two wheels, but when the rubber hits the road, the Harley's going to leave a Schwinn in the rear-view mirror. So it goes with the Alienware system we abducted from Dell. Technically, it's a gaming laptop, but more accurately, it's one hell of a desktop replacement that leaves lesser systems in the dust.

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Alienware M17x and M18x land new NVIDIA GTX680M graphics option

Engadget : Never one to let high-powered mobile gaming hardware pass it by, Alienware has announced that its endlessly-tweaked M17x and M18x will both get the chance to dance with NVIDIA's latest GPU belle.

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Capsule Computers |Alienware New Laptop Line Gaming Performance Report

"...It was there that we were allowed to preview and play with the latest in Alienware gaming hardware. In our report we will be discussing the newest laptop line from the crew featuring the newest Sandybridge Intel Processing architecture and the latest in gaming graphics processing technologies..." ~ Capsule Computers

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