Intel and NVIDIA bury the hatchet

A very interesting press-release just came by, you know that Intel and NVIDIA have been arch rivals for years not, the past few years even deep into lawsuits over patens and cross license agreements. Well, Intel Corporation today announced that it has entered into a new comprehensive long-term patent cross license agreement with NVIDIA. The companies have also resolved pending litigation in Chancery Court in Wilmington, Del., ending all outstanding legal disputes between the companies.

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toaster4346d ago

That is a lot of money... glad they got it sorted out though. nVidia still doesn't have the rights to x86 but that needs to go away anyways. People need to move to x64 and let x86 die off.

AuToFiRE4345d ago

itll die eventually, 2038 to be precise, when the POSIX clock runs out on the 32 bit machines