Engadget - QNX Car concept with PlayBook integration hands-on (video)

Engadget - Okay, we've seen an iPad on a dashboard. Ready for some in-car PlayBook action? Recent RIM acquisition QNX is all over it, showing off what it calls simply QNX Car. It's a basic reference implementation of some technology that will be running the infotainment systems of cars in the coming years -- though they'll surely look very different than this by then.

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"Apple Car" Shelved, Apple Now Developing Self-Driving Car Software

According to the latest reports, Apple’s rumored vehicle project, codenamed “Project Titan,” has been shelved in favor of the development of software to control a self-driving car. Participants in the new program include a team of engineers that previously created the QNX CAR system for BlackBerry.

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Sahil2434d ago

How about improving their mobile software first?


Maserati with BlackBerry QNX debuted at CES 2015

Maserati is not a name that you would usually hear when it comes to BlackBerry QNX or any type of run of the mill technology, since the luxury autos are not something to joke about, especially considering their prices. Nonetheless, CES 2015 brought us a surprise from both Maserati and BlackBerry in the form of a QNX powered Maserati concept.

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pressjudge3248d ago

Maserati brings style to racing.


CES 2013 QNX Interview In A Talking Bentley

GamerFitNation: QNX is a company that makes wondrous technology. In keeping up with that theme at the International CES. We got the chance to sit behind the wheel of one of the hottest cars on the planet and have a little chat with the car and our interviewee. This is the type of technology that you can only imagine in dreams or in movies and now it is coming for all of us to see. The car has a slew of features from rear mounted cameras to voice controls. The biggest and baddest feature of the car however is the fact that you can actually do face time in the car.

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