Toyota debuts new Prius models, family-friendlier Prius V and funkier Prius C

Engadget: Toyota made no bones about the fact that more Prius models were to be unveiled in Detroit for the North American International Auto Show, even throwing advertisements up around town asking whether it's supposed to be Priuses or Priii.

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2023 Toyota Prius: Who's laughing now?

The 2023 Prius improves on its predecessor in every conceivable area, especially in styling and performance.

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LA Auto Show highlights: 2023 Prius, Fiat 500 electric, Genesis EV convertible and more

The 2022 LA Auto Show proves car makers are ready for an all-electric future

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SwiderMan464d ago

That Genesis EV X convertible is fire!


For Its Next Electric Cars Toyota Is Testing Its Solar Roof

Toyota does not have an all-electric car yet but is presently explore solar roofs on its Prius hybrid, with public examinations

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Profchaos1695d ago

Is an extra 44kms worth having no rear window?

krauley1695d ago

they could easily put a camera on the back of the roof and a screen in the mirror housing to duplicate looking out the back window. Not sure how it would work but i have a backup camera in my car and using the display to back into a tight place works better than looking out my mirrors. that said, there is no substitute for using the mirrors to backup normally, at least for us old people :P

Inzo1695d ago

For all these car companies screaming save the world they are making sure that only the super rich can afford their "green cars"

1695d ago