TechSpy at CES 2011

Hey everyone, We are back from CES and with lots of great pics and memories from The Consumer Electronics Show. Here is the recap of our 4 days at CES, everything from Glasses Free 3D Tech to A 100 TV Jaw dropping display. Did we mention Leo Laporte?

Cat4802d ago

Love it! (nod to pics #30, 69, 70) ;)

Syko4802d ago

Would like to add I had a great time in Vegas and at CES. The show was amazing, the city is great as always, and it was cool meeting snoop_dizzle and getting to geek out over all the great stuff with him.

Thanks to the Newsboiler bosses for making it all possible and thanks to snoop_dizzle for all his hard work at the show as well. Cheers guys.

toaster4802d ago

Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! Tablets and 3D definitely seemed to the big stars of this year, Xoom is looking so amazing. I might have to get it!

Sad to see you guys didn't get to have time with Sandy Bridge or Fusion, those were the big ones for me. Sandy is a major leap forward in CPUs, 32nm tech is really pushing it forward and AMD will soon follow with Fusion.

Syko4802d ago (Edited 4802d ago )

Ya, that was really the one thing I wanted to get some time with but at the time we were around the Intel booth it was INSANE. So decided I would get back around to it...And, well, you see how that worked out for me.

Sorry toaster. I. Am. FAIL... =)

Captain Tuttle4802d ago

Nice pictures guys! Thanks for posting them

fatstarr4802d ago

Very impressed guys :D.
E3 Next and bring me hahaha.

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techie4795d ago

Hm, I'm not convinced by the PlayBook. Plus that's a stupid name for a tablet - sounds like a Hugh Heffner production.