Have CDs had their day?

Which? Conversation: With so much music available to download or stream online, it’s not surprising to hear that CD sales are declining and stores like HMV are closing. But does this mark the end of the road for CDs?

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techie4349d ago

I have to admit, I only really use online streaming services now - but I do still love my CD collection, and if I spot a bargain I'll buy it.

toaster4349d ago

Well my father has over 1000 h,e'a oldschool like that. He won't go digital, something about loss of sound quality biut w/e :P I think digital is fine but then again I don't have a kick ass stereo like he does. I mostly buy content online now, no more CDs. Those were so 2006. Read and write speeds are just too slow now on CD. Installing Windows via CD takes 5x longer than from a USB. It's also much more convenient than carrying around a big thing of CDs when you can have about 10 USB thumbsticks that would take up the same amount of space a CD does but can hold more content.

koehler834349d ago

CDs are still the only way I buy music. My music tastes are finite and already well defined. I know what I want when it comes. And I only want to buy it once. The only way to guarantee a single purchase is to buy the physical copy.

Whether that's CD, DVD, Blu-ray or flash drive, I don't care.

techie4349d ago

But do you buy new releases as soon as they come out? I'd prefer to wait for a bargain - though my tastes are often more eclectic.

fatstarr4349d ago

Who still buys music o.o sorry to be the pirate but like the last time i bought an actual album was 2004 or 2005

i bought 3 digital albums in the last 2 years. on amazon for like 7$'s. they give away all the music i listen to in some shape or form.

techie4349d ago

If I get it for free I use Spotify, wouldn't want to pirate.