Five Ways The Verizon iPhone Will Change The Mobile Landscape

It has been a litany akin to prayer in certain circles: “Everything will be better when Verizon gets the iPhone. I’ll buy it then.” But what will a Verizon iPhone really change? Let’s think this through.

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Speed-Racer4344d ago

Change the industry negatively?

fatstarr4344d ago

It will activate some new laws.

have government regulated 3g vs 4g etc.

both networks will fail because iphone users use too much data for nonsense.

im happy with my android my cuz is goin to get theiphone
but knowing verizon it will be installed with bloatware and bing.

it will open the phone companies eyes just like it did the gaming industry... exclusive just isnt exclusive now adays.

Enate4344d ago

Exclusive is exclusive still in the gaming industry it just depends on who you are talking about, Sony plenty and more still coming. As far as this iphone stuff 99.9% of the people I know that have verizon will stick with or end up getting an android phone.