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Torrent Statistics Divulged

Rather unsurprisingly, PC is up at the top with a vast, vast majority of torrented files being available for the platform. It’s followed by the PSP, with the Wii just behind, then the Playstation closely followed by the Xbox

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TheStee4348d ago

aaaaah pirates. or should I say ARGH! Pirates!

redd0r4348d ago

Definitely the latter.

EddyD4348d ago

Agreed, and also the PSP part is pretty interesting.

redd0r4348d ago

That's weird. My story got approved but it doesn't appear on the site?

EddyD4348d ago

Strange, yea, i've just noticed it disappear from everywhere.

Killer64348d ago

I can see it under news, but you're right, i can't see it anywhere else. odd.

redd0r4347d ago

I've just been told its something to do with content filtering or what not.

Scenarist4346d ago (Edited 4346d ago )

I take full responsibility for that PC bar at the top....


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