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Razer Switchblade – Prepare to be Amazed

The guys over at Razer have created something very special. This video is a rollercoaster of emotion, which goes something like this: Wow, that guy’s voice is incredible! Meh, it looks like a tiny, stupid netbook. Oh My God, look at the keys!

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Killer63753d ago

Would be nice to actually see this go up on the main site.

EddyD3753d ago

I do hope it gets up on the main site, because there is nothing wrong with this edit what so ever, although i'm betting it gets reported for some reason or another, thus preventing more interesting news on the site.

redd0r3753d ago

Didn't this story get approved the other day?

EddyD3753d ago

It keeps getting rejected for many pointless reasons. Despite the fact that it's really interesting news and all the other stories about it have failed.

toaster3752d ago

lol yeah this is a funny one. I submitted the first story of it, and then other people submitted dupes, but they all failed.. LOL.

TheStee3753d ago

Those are some crazy ass, changing keys!

toaster3752d ago

Cool concept but I don't think that it'll have the hardware muscle to play most newer games at high settings.. I love the LED keys though and with the mod community I'm sure people will program more icons and such. I'm kind of skeptical about Razer products though since they tend to be over priced and perform less spectacularly than the competition. But this one looks to be a brand new concept and so far it looks good.

lugia 40003752d ago

That PC doesn´t even play WoW at max without having breaks.
Example: 2:20

Scottyabanks3752d ago

You do realize that the PC in the video is a digitally rendered concept right? Of course it's not showing real time game play.