Another Blocky Games Console…

Sifteo is a rather innovative little system that works with either your PC or Mac. It consists of 3 small cubes (up to 6 can be used at once though) each one a tiny little screen filled with motion sensing tech and a processor.

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TheStee4345d ago

That is a funky set of dice :)

Killer64345d ago

Thats things are pretty neat :)

EddyD4345d ago

Sense, you make none. :P

redd0r4345d ago

Owned. Those are neat little things.

toaster4344d ago

Wow that is really cool, very innovative. I've been telling people this for a while, innovation isn't happening with big name game developers but with indie devs and tech like this.

EddyD4344d ago

Indie is definitely the way forward.