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Pocket-Lint - HTC ThunderBolt hands-on

Pocket-Lint - HTC has launched a new Verizon exclusive handset, the HTC ThunderBolt. It will be part of Verizon’s growing 4G arsenal of devices, bringing lightening fast data to all that HTC Sense connected goodness. The ThunderBolt is a variant of the HTC Desire HD we’ve seen reviewed and admired in the past, but this Verizon exclusive device won’t be crossing shores to the UK or Europe.

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Security Vulnerability In HTC Android Devices Exposes Phone Numbers, GPS, SMS, Emails Addresses etc.

Android Police: "I am quite speechless right now. Justin Case and I have spent all day together with Trevor Eckhart (you may remember him as TrevE of DamageControl and Virus ROMs) looking into Trev's findings deep inside HTC's latest software installed on such phones as EVO 3D, EVO 4G, Thunderbolt, and others.

These results are not pretty. In fact, they expose such ridiculously frivolous doings, which HTC has no one else to blame but itself, that the data-leaking Skype vulnerability Justin found earlier this year pales in comparison. Without further ado, let me break things down."

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Bright Hub - HTC Thunderbolt vs. Samsung Droid Charge

Bright Hub - The HTC Thunderbolt and Samsung Droid Charge are the first two 4G LTE smartphones from Verizon's network. Which blazingly fast smartphone is better when the two 4G smartphones duke it out?

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Bright Hub - HTC Thunderbolt or Motorola Droid 2 Global?

Bright Hub - The HTC Thunderbolt and Motorola Droid 2 Global are two powerful smartphones on Verizon's network. They both aim at similar yet slightly different markets. Which smartphone is the better pick?

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