Engadget interviews 50 Cent: inside the mind of a hip-hop mogul techie

Engadget: 50 Cent has a tendency to do things big, so it makes sense that he'd use CES as a platform to launch his new line of headphones in collaboration with Sleek Audio.

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50 Cent Talks Star Wars Headphones

Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 Cent, talks about his love of Star Wars and the second line of SMS Audio Star Wars headphones in this exclusive interview.

jagiii3234d ago

I like the Darth Vader headphones for Second Edition.


50 Cent Talks SMS Audio And Tech - Gamerhubtv

Gamerhubtv - SMS Audio founder Curtis Jackson, better known as rapper 50 Cent, talks about technology and headphones in this exclusive interview from CES.

jagiii3664d ago

This guy has done a solid job with SMS Audio.


The Rapper Headphone Conspiracy

New Rising Media writes "Allow me to propose a scenario to you. You purchase an iPod and begin listening to music through the earphones that come as standard with the product. Now that the minimalist white design isn't such a fashion statement anymore, it's lifted the veil on a search for audio quality, which is still driven by looks; but under a different rule to before: bigger is better.

No this isn't an intended double entendrè for rambunctiously promiscuous females, it's a trend that returns us to the use of cans. Over-exemplified headphones of the on-ear variety, with an over-compensating design ethic.

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fatstarr4334d ago

Great great value. these rapper phones are going down hill they are a fad and everyone thats a pretend audiophile are getting rid of em and going back to in ears.

overrated headphones with an over rated product 9 times outta 10.

plmkoh4334d ago (Edited 4334d ago )

You can sell it, smash it, bin it all you want, the fact that the Beats branded goods accounted for 51% of the headphone market in 2011 says they got away with a pretty good scam. The sad part is hipsters don't even know what they bought into.

MastaMold4333d ago

People consider looking into Chambers by RZA top notch headphone's Wu-Tang Forever, fuk dr. dre and 50 cent

Shadow Flare4333d ago

Anyone who buys those Beats by Dr Dre is a total idiot.

Look at the specs of the Dre: Frequency: 20-20000 hz. Cost: $300

I've been using the in-ear Sony MDR-XB40EX for years now, and look at it's specs: Frequency: 4-24000 hz and my latest pair cost about £29.99 on eBay.

In short, Dre headphones sound like your listening to your music from a tincan string telephone for $300, while the Sony earphones actually have real bass to them, sound incredible and only cost me £30.

What kind of person buys rapper headphones

armchaircritic004334d ago

I'll stick with my Sennheiser's

LeShin4334d ago

Was looking for a pair of bluetooth wireless headphones and my friend told me to try a version of Beats by Dr Dre, so a borrowed a pair off a friend.......wanted to slap him!!! How the hell does something that feels so cheap cost nearly £300?!!! The bloody thing was creaking and the audio quality did not justify the crazy price tag!!! Gave thenm back and after a LOT of research I settled on the Nokia BH950i's which are brilliant, sound, and looks quality (Leather and metal) and cost me half as much!

The funny thing is I love hip-hop.....

....I'm just not stupid :-)

duplissi4334d ago

and i will stick with my grados

bahabeast4334d ago

skull candy and iluv make some pretty good headphones and great affordable prices, i dnt care how good it is i would never pay more than $50 for a headphone.

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