Intel: Sandy Bridge doesn't have DirectX 11, but Ivy Bridge will

Intel's new 32nm Sandy Bridge processors may feature integrated graphics, but users will have to wait until Ivy Bridge, which will be manufactured using a 22nm process, if they want DirectX 11. Current Sandy Bridge chips only support DirectX 10.1.

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Vip3r4799d ago

But who honestly, is going to use IGP for gaming when you can buy even more powerful graphics cards? I know it's a nice feature to have but really, the people who want/need DX11 will using ATI and Nvidia for it.


Intel's Updated Graphics Drivers for Ivy Bridge, Haswell Stomps Out Bugs in Windows 7 and 8

Maximum PC: There's no shame in rocking integrated graphics, especially if you only occasionally play games or don't typically gravitate towards demanding titles that push the envelope. If that's the category of gamer (or non-gamer, as it were) that you fall into, be advised that Intel recently released new graphics drivers for its family of 3rd and 4th Generation of Core processors, otherwise known as Ivy Bridge and Haswell, respectively.

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newsguy3819d ago

discrete graphics for me please


Review: Lenovo’s IdeaPad Yoga 11S is good, but it’s late to the party | ArsTechnica

Ars Technica: Smaller, flexible convertible PC needs either Haswell or a time machine.

Lenovo's IdeaPad Yoga lineup started with two laptops. One, the Yoga 13, is a 13-inch Intel Ultrabook that runs Windows 8. The other, the Yoga 11, is a Tegra 3 laptop running Windows RT.

The problem for Lenovo is that Windows RT hasn't really gone anywhere aside from those devices launched alongside Windows 8 (which included the Yoga and a handful of other convertibles and tablets, most notably Microsoft's own Surface). If you want to know how well the ARM-based convertible did for Lenovo, well, the company no longer sells it directly.

That leaves a hole in the Yoga lineup, and it's a hole that the new Yoga 11S is supposed to fill.

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In2iti0n3880d ago

This laptop definitely feels a few months late, and it fixes none of the minor issues that exist on the 13-inch model.


Zotac Upgrades Select Zbox Nano Systems with Intel Ivy Bridge

Maximum PC: Small form factor systems are vogue, and that's just fine by Zotac, which has been cashing in on the craze for palm-sized systems with its Zbox Nano line. These aren't wimpy little systems, either, especially now that some of them have been upgraded with Ivy Bridge processors from Intel. These include Intel's Core i3 3227U, Core i5 3337U, and Core i7 3537U processors.

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