Sony BRAVIA 2011 range wants you to do more than watch TV

Pocket-Lint: Sony has updated its BRAVIA range of televisions for 2011 bringing with it a bevy of new features including Skype support and a greater emphasis on 3D.

“In 2011 BRAVIA televisions bring more of the best of the web to your TV screen. With Internet capabilities available on almost all new BRAVIA TVs, and channels and services being added to BRAVIA Internet Video all the time, it’s now even easier to watch what you want, whenever you want”, says the company.

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Apple TV 4K to receive Dolby Vision update for Sony 4K TVs

Apple will bring expanded Dolby Vision support to Sony 4K TVs which would could then run content Dolby Vision content from iTunes, Netflix, and other various apps on their box.

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Kanedas_Bike2225d ago

Good news for those of us with an Apple TV and Sony TV.


Sony Bravia TVs to lose YouTube access

Sony Bravia smart TV sets made in 2012 will no longer be able to show YouTube videos after 30 September.

Stringerbell2734d ago

Thats pretty much all I use with my Smart TV, luck I dont have a Bavia...


Sony to use TRILUMINOS display in upcoming Xperia 2013 flagship

VR-Zone: Sony is planning to introduce their new Triluminos display technology with their next generation Xperia smartphone. The technology in question is being actively developed for their entire range of products including Cyber-shot cameras and Bravia televisions as well.

Software_Lover3959d ago

Wow, fancy words that mean nothing.

iNFAMOUZ13958d ago

just like all their products, they name em fancy crap but that's all it is, just names, nothing really good under the hood that hasn't been done or done better.