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Pocket-Lint - LG Optimus Black hands-on

Pocket-Lint: LG's new Optimus Black handset is "the world's slimmest mobile device", says the maker, measuring in at just 9.2in thick. We managed to get a closer look at the new gadget on LG's stand at CES.

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TechExclusive: LG Optimus Black P970 Android Review

TechExclusive: "When it comes to smartphones, you won’t find many more feature loaded devices capable of outperforming the LG Optimus P970.".

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LG Optimus Black review (Engadget)

Engadget: "If you asked us to design our ideal Android phone, it might well end up looking like LG's Optimus Black. The handset that was once known under the codename "B" features a clean, elegant and exceedingly thin exterior, which is garnished with a 4-inch IPS display capable of generating 700 nits of brightness. "

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LG Optimus Black to be available for Free from T-mobile UK on two year Contract

If you are thinking of having a LG optimus Black and confused about its pricing, stop thinking about it, if you are ready to agree for two year with T-Mobile UK, the company is willing to offer it for free starting from £25 month. The Optimus black will hit the market this month in UK.

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