PogoPlug Video converts footage on the fly, streams it to all your connected devices

Engadget: We always thought the PogoPlug was a neat idea -- a miniature server that gives you access to USB devices on the go -- and today, Cloud Engines is making it a little more useful. The $200 PogoPlug Video may look just like the PogoPlug Pro that tempted your pocketbook in October, but it's got a brand-new daughterboard inside, whose purpose in life is to take your video files, convert them to variable bitrate H.264 and stream them anywhere in the world in real time. CEO Daniel Putterman claims that -- depending on device support -- it can pull footage directly from a connected camcorder and share it with your dearest relatives' computers, tablets and phones then and there.

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PogoPlug drops the cable, and the price

CrunchGear: I’m a big fan of PogoPlug devices. They’re super simple to use, and they’re pretty regularly updated with new features based on customer input. One of the most common customer requests is for a wireless PogoPlug model, so that you don’t need to locate the PogoPlug near your wireless router.

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