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T-Mobile G-Slate revealed at CES press event

Engadget: We knew it was coming, but we didn't know what it would look like... or anything else besides 4G, Honeycomb, and an LG partnership, but at it's press event here at CES, T-Mobile has finally revealed its G-Slate tablet.

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Engadget - T-Mobile G-Slate review

Engadget - The tablet wars are building, petty disputes that will soon lead to bloodshed. Products will be launched into battle only to be gunned down straight out of their boxes, crying for their fabricators as bigger, faster, better slates step over the stricken chassis of their predecessors, running on to their own brief bits of glory.

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Gigaom Review: T-Mobile G-Slate Shows Promise (In 3D!)

Giagom: Given the early state of Honeycomb, T-Mobile offers a solid hardware package in the G-Slate, which should get better as Android matures on tablets. Since the 8.9-inch slate doesn’t fit in a pocket and weighs as much as an iPad 2, some may opt to just go for a larger tablet. However, folks within T-Mobile’s HSPA+ coverage areas will find much to like, provided they don’t mind waiting for Google’s software to catch up to the G-Slate’s capable hardware.