Eye-Fi announces Direct Mode for easier photo transfer

Pocket-Lint: Eye-Fi, the Wi-Fi enabled memory card specialist, has announced a new service that makes it even easier to share your digital images called Direct Mode.

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Eyefi’s Latest SD Card Promises More Convenient, Quick And Controlled Photo Sharing

TechFrag - Eyefi has announced to release a new extremely powerful SD card. The Wi-Fi enabled Mobi Pro is aimed at making your photo sharing experience more convenient, speedy and controlled.

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Engadget - Eye-Fi's Direct Mode hands-on: from camera to tablet in seconds (video)

Engadget - We have to say, we're pretty pumped about Eye-Fi's new Direct Mode, and that's not just because it's free -- CEO Jef Holove showed us how his wireless SD cards can fire snapshots from a point-and-shoot camera straight to a Samsung Galaxy Tab, and it looks like a breeze. Once the free update launches later this year, you'll just need to download the Eye-Fi app, and select your Eye-Fi X2 card from a list to permanently pair them -- much like Bluetooth or a WiFi access point -- and then whenever you shoot within range, the pics will automatically spirit themselves to your Android, and can send them to Picasa or Eye-Fi View from there with an additional tap. See Direct Mode do its thing in the video above.

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