Samsung Galaxy Player up for pre-order at Amazon UK, £150 buys 8GB worth of Android Market apps

Engadget: We Americans may not see it until summer, but Samsung's 3.2-inch Galaxy Player is about to call Europe home, as following French presales the PMP has now appeared at Amazon UK.

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fatstarr4289d ago

woo. it is ashamed they abandoned the omnia
i cant wait to mod it to be a mp3 player.
samsungs crazy goal of dominating the android os with galaxy related stuff is coming true and i love it.

its a shame its 200+ FOR 8gb of storage if it has removable sd support i am getting one if not. ill just settle for my zune and phone.

im starting to have a build up devices

fatstarr4289d ago

it seems to have sd support
cant wait till it drops to see the reviews.

toaster4289d ago

Looking forward to reviews too, right now my iPod touch 16GB is great but it's an older model (2Gen). I'm looking for a newer portable media player and was about to splurge on a Touch 4Gen but heard news about this. I have a Milestone and 2 Android devices is a little crazy but it could work out, hehehe.

ruiner44824288d ago

Eh I can't take Samsung seriously when they still haven't updated my Epic 4g to Froyo. They said it was going to have Froyo a month after release, it has been a little over 4 months now. I won't buy another Samsung product no matter tempting.

fatstarr4288d ago

thats the one problem i have with them. they leave the upgrades to the community -_-

sadly its going to happen to the galaxy when the next best thing comes out.

I had a Omnia it had great support then samsung stopped caring the community supported it

they moved to the opmnia II same story

omnia HD same story
then they moved to android based devices
and thats how its been going so far.

most of their phones have great followings though, dedicated people.