Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs Chill Aftermarket Cooling (BmR)

Benchmark Reviews: There's a lot to like about Intel's new Sandy Bridge desktop processor architecture, from eight-way independent processing threads, to Turbo Boost 2.0 and a shared 8MB Smart Cache, to an improved AES-NI that dramatically better encryption/decryption. Those are all great things, but have little to do with most hardware enthusiasts. Sandy Bridge is the most efficient processor Intel has ever sold, allowing compute performance to set new standards while it overclocks beyond 5 GHz before warming up. In this article we look at the unexpected consequences of a truly modern processor, and how it might mean the end for the aftermarket cooling industry.

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toaster4293d ago

I doubt it, even if SB is super cool people will not risk NOT having an aftermarket cooler that they trust. When you OC to 4.0 and above you're system will probbaly be pretty extreme already and you'd want the best performance you can get.