Can the Samsung Galaxy Player Really Compete with the iPod Touch?

Techi: The mobile phone and tablet markets are ripe battlegrounds for Android-based gadgets to make their mark. Apple is the leader but not by a huge margin. Some predict that Android will explode in 2011. There is little doubt that Apple has its hands full trying to maintain its dominance in these areas, but at least they have the app-driven, WiFi-connected MP3 player market locked down with the iPod touch, right?


RIP: Apple is discontinuing the iPod Touch

Pour one out for the iPod Touch.

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Apple to roll out iPod Touch later this year: Here're the specs

Apple will roll out a new iPod Touch device later this year and it will come with the features including the similar design like an iPhone.

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iPod Touch 2019 review: Who still buys an iPod? - CNet

iPod Touch, huh, what is it good for - absolutely more than you'd think.