Sandy Bridge & P67 Prices Revealed writes:

"In case my fellow British readers haven't noticed, its woefully cold outside. The last fortnight has seen temperatures plummet into single and negative figures, which is only made worse by wind chill and regular doses of rain. As I glance through the office window today, I see tufts of snow floating to the ground and One Canada Square firmly in the clouds. Yes, its dark, cold and murky outside but the change in climate can only mean one thing; its Christmas time.

While the general public swarm Oxford Street in hoardes in an attempt to buy their loved ones Christmas gifts, the more "technically influenced" individuals will be comfortably sat behind their computers in a 20*c+ room ordering the same online. So what exactly do you want for Christmas? A shiney new 3D TV? A Macbook Air? Or perhaps you are looking to upgrade your own Desktop?

Those who are hoping to overhaul their computers this Christmas will have a tough decision to make; do I, or do I not wait for Sandy Bridge?"

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