Moot On 4Chan User Survey: “It’s Total Garbage.”

Over the weekend, a interesting demographic survey of over 6000 4Chan users made the rounds of 4Chan, Reddit and Hacker News. While if anyone is going to skew a survey it’s 4Chan users, the Google document with the responses given a lot of Internet ink, lauded for being “bracingly honest.“

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toaster4812d ago

lol 4chan, where the collective filth of the internet congregate. Great place to get wallpapers though.

Speed-Racer4811d ago

Followed by Reddit imo. Reddit is the 4chan for little kids.

dachiefsman4811d ago

let me guess you like digg or delicious?

I have been on reddit for 4 years now and it is nothing like 4chan.

Speed-Racer4811d ago

I used to be on Digg till 6 months ago but I just find Reddit's attitude to stuff just childish. There are a lot of smart people there playing the fool. The front page pretty much has a few good stories while the rest are a much of meme images on IMGUR. Sure I visit for the funny pics, but with regards to news, unless you don't conform to what they agree to, it won't make front. I don't submit because of that.

xino4811d ago

where the trash congregates.
morons, trolls and mother farkers of the internet!


Why 4chan is 'struggling to survive'

The owner of the anarchic comment site 4chan says it is struggling to survive.


Australian whistleblower leaks top secret report to 4chan, users dismiss it as "fake and gay"

TechSpot: A whistleblower who uploaded a highly sensitive report obtained from the Australian Defence Intelligence Organization to 4chan is facing charges for leaking the information. When the data was originally posted it was mostly described as “fake and gay” by the few 4chan users who commented on it.

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Stringerbell3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

This almost sounds like an onion article. And giving 4chan the scoop? Its like me finding existence of real life dinosaurs living in the jungle somewhere and instead of going to a reputable news source I run over to the national inquirer.

ZoyosJD3128d ago

Sad case of not knowing enough about personal internet security. I know individuals that do more with less of a reason to do so.

You would think someone that can get that close to the ADIO would know a little more about doing that.

1nsomniac3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

It's a sad state of affairs that so many whistleblowers who are involved in government/military/finance/se curity. That work inside these organisations & physically see first hand what these people are trying to do to the general public & what their future plans are. So they decide to risk their own freedom to release this information yet we simply just don't care.

Look at the current Windows 10 issue after Snowden tried to warn us. Collecting & recording an obscene amount of personal private data. Publicly Profiling you & selling this information. Yet no one gives a shit because "it's free" & "DX12 will improve gaming" because these multicore processors we've been buying over the last decade are actually going to work as advertised.

These people are giving up their lives to warn you. At least have the intelligence & common courtesy to take notice & understand.

It's ignored by the general public so open & blatantly here in the UK that we know that our Government is one of the most prolific paedophile rings yet we have allowed without even publicly questioning it. For our judicial system to create a new law that if whistleblowers release information about this they will be immediately arrested & their family assets seized.

How can anyone as a society not look at that & question their sanity that we still act oblivious.

I always struggled to believe the notion that Hitler fed the Jews in concentration camps Fluoride in order for them to become more complacent/accepting & docile (even though it is documented fact). I thought it was far fetched & warped into some conspiricy theory. When you think that currently it is only used & legal to fluoridate water & toothpaste in 3% of the worlds countries. How can you not start to worry about what is actually true. When you look around at the complacent, accepting, docile people around us.


Jenna Jameson Exchanges Boobies for Ex-Assistant’s Personal Information

GeekFed: "Porn star Jenna Jameson is making headlines for exchanging nude pictures of herself for personal information about her ex-assistant on 4chan."

SilentNegotiator3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

Exposing someone to identity theft and other privacy invasion seems harsh for some deleted photos.

SnakeCQC3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

I doubt any of us know the whole story but he did start it.

Lord_Sloth3705d ago

Not to be "that guy" but wouldn't everybody already have access to a porn stars nudes?

GenericNameHere3705d ago

Porn is free. Jenna Jameson is a pornstar. Hacking services to grab the finest personal and confidential informations of a person, and giving those info to another person is illegal.

There is no need to get yourself in trouble. You can already see her nude FOR FREE RIGHT NOW, in both pictures and video form.

windblowsagain3705d ago

Porn is free. Jenna is a whore. Simples.

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