See the Chrome Laptop Get Destroyed Repeatedly

One of the huge advantages of the Chrome OS is that it puts almost everything on the cloud. This gives you the flexibility to access your data from almost anywhere that has an internet connection, as well as a safer place to leave your data in case of some kind of individual accident.

What kind of accidents? Well, anything could happen. The Google Chrome OS Cr-48 Notebook appears to be very much a notebook like many others, and it can be destroyed just like all the notebooks before it. The key difference is that the physical destruction of the Chrome OS Notebook won't affect your data.

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Chrome VP: No More Cr-48s, Chrome OS Devices This Summer

TCS - Google has been very tight-lippped about the supply of Cr-48s, who they are going to and when shipments will stop. But in a tweet sent out by VP of Product Management Sundar Pichai, the shipment of Cr-48s to users is over, and that we can expect commercial devices to be arriving in the next few months.

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Pocket-Lint: Google Cr-48 Review

Pocket-Lint: Chrome operated notebooks aren’t available for purchase yet but Pocket-lint was lucky enough to get our hands on the unbranded Chrome OS test notebook before the real deal hits store shelves in mid-2011. The Cr-48 is Google’s test notebook running on the cloud-based Chrome operating system with special features like super fast boot speeds and almost instant internet connectivity.

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Google Cr-48 gets Gobi 3G unlock for GSM support

SlashGear: One of the lucky minority with a Google Cr-48 Chrome OS notebook? Maybe you were one of SlashGear’s lucky winners a few months back, or came up trumps in Google’s invitation-only program. Either way, there’s a new Google update out which apparently enables GSM functionality on the Cr-48′s integrated modem.

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