USAToday | Google Chromebook: Much to rave about at first look

Most people will never get their hands on the Google Chrome Cr-48 notebook that the search giant started distributing to a chosen few these past several days. The prototype computer is part of a Google pilot program and offered only to selected applicants — anyone can request one online — who Google feels will provide frequent feedback. The machine, however raw, is worth paying attention to for what it says about Google's vision of a mobile computer and, more specifically, the "cloud-based" Chrome operating system software at its core.

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Walmart early access sale: TVs, Apple tech, action cameras and more on sale ahead of Black Friday

See our favorite of the 500-plus deals in Walmart’s pre-Black Friday sale

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SwiderMan471d ago

The $398 LG TV is infinitely better than the $98 .onn TV, but I bet people will choose the latter


Chrome OS Flex can turn any computer into a Chromebook

One of the things in short supply during the pandemic is computer hardware. Everything from PC components and Macs to Chromebooks has been scarce, but what if you could turn an aging computer you already own into a Chromebook?

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How to record your screen on Chromebook

You can now record your screen with your Chromebook - here's what to know.

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