AnandTech Reviews HP Envy 17: HP's MacBook Pro Killer?

HP's Envy line-up has been so often requested around here that actually having one on the test bench feels like both a major win and a kind of letdown. These notebooks (particularly the 14, for which a review is forthcoming) are so well regarded by their user communities that it's kind of hard not to expect the most out of HP's prize series.

HP's Envy line of notebooks are often touted in the comments on our reviews as being alternatives to Apple's MacBook Pro series. In reviewing the Envy 17 at least, we find that's not entirely a fair comparison.

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toaster4304d ago

Meh. The looks are good but not as good as a MacBook's. HP products generally are not that high quality, I've had a few HP laptops and they left a bad taste in my mouth. I'll stick with Apple and Lenovo for laptops.

Speed-Racer4302d ago (Edited 4302d ago )

To hell with HP products. They still go bad quickly after one year...and generate more heat than a triple 7 engine.

also ...eww at lenovo lol.

toaster4301d ago

Lenovo makes great laptops, I dunno what you're talking about :P. The ThinkPad line is one of the best laptops in the industry, I have a ThinkPad T61 and it is a beast still. ThinkPad's keyboard is hands down thee best keyboard of any laptop, and even rivaling desktop keyboards. It's also very rugged and the prices are great for the hardware that they pack.

But I also love my MacBook Pro :3

Speed-Racer4301d ago

What purposes do you use the Lenovo for though?

I remember seeing this durability test of a Lenovo getting soaked in water and surviving it.

I use my laptop for gaming though, bought myself a Dell XPS... mostly gaming/web design etc.

toaster4300d ago

CS5, Blender, FL Studio, mostly for stuff like that. I mix my own music a lot. It's just nice to have a laptop that hauls ass. They are tough as hell too, ThinkPads are notorious for being very rugged and surviving drops that would shatter other laptops.

For gaming I have a desktop, I wouldn't use a laptop for gaming since it really doesn't have the hardware that I need for gaming :P There are gaming laptops but I feel that those are just way too big and bulky for my liking.