Windows 7 Tablets are a Terrible Idea

PCWorld: I keep hearing about Windows tablets. Steve Ballmer got up on stage with an HP slate at last year's CES, and nobody was particularly impressed. Now we're hearing rumors that he'll give it another shot this year, perhaps even revealing a bit about Windows 8 (I don't think that's likely, given that we don't expect Windows 8 to be released for almost two years). Redmond, if you're listening: stop it. Windows on tablets is a terrible, terrible idea.

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Horny Melon4263d ago

the writer is completely ignorant of operating systems. Could possibly be an apple fanboy who does not want his ipad unseated like his iphone was. Article states:

"Windows as we know it faces two intractable problems that prevent it from ever being a good tablet 1) OS: its hardware requirements, and its core design around 2) mouse and keyboard input."

1) There are two parts to this.

a) Out of the gate he assumes windows 7 tablets are using the same processors as smart phones. This isn't the case at all. The high end tablets coming out are running laptop proccessors and between 1-4gig of ram like coreduo chips. The lower end tablets are running AMDs and Intels new netbook cpu/gpu proccessors.

b) Microsoft isn't going to be dumb enough to drop windows 7 in unmodified. I'm 99.999999999% sure it will be stripped of all nonessentials. Anyone that has run a stripped version of XP knows there is a lot of windows bloat to do away with.

2) #2 is completely unfounded. Microsoft has been working with "Surface" long before Apple even took touch serious. Had this not been the case it is absolutely assinine to think Microsoft couldn't manage an onscreen even the crappiest of cellphone manufacturers can handle this without problem.

Me I won't jump on the tablet bandwagon until the 15" model comes out.