Three ditches data caps

Pocket-Lint: Three, the UK mobile phone operator, has announced that it is ditching data caps on its “The One Plan” first launched in July earlier this year.

“The change is aimed at giving customers peace of mind when it comes to data - so they can surf, email, update, watch, listen or play freely on their smartphone making the most of all it can do”, says Three.

The news means that rather than be restricted to 1GB of data per month users can use as much data as they like without incurring extra costs.

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O2, Three and our 5G future

Rory Cellan-Jones: "It was the deal that was supposed to be the final stage in the reshaping of Britain's mobile phone market. But now the O2/Three marriage has been blocked by Brussels, where does that leave phone users?"


Ofcom delays mobile spectrum auction

Ofcom is to delay the start of its auction for another chunk of 4G spectrum, after threats of legal action from Telefonica and Hutchison, parent companies of O2 and Three.


Three to launch its 4G upgrade in Q4

Mobile News: CEO Dyson announces network will wait to see how rivals position LTE before launching its own service.

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