Engadget: Windows Phone 7 said to be getting major 'Mango' update in August or September

Engadget already heard that Windows Phone 7 is set to get an update of some sort early next year -- possibly coinciding with Mobile World Congress in February -- but ZD Net's Mary Jo Foley is now reporting that an even bigger update could be following in August or September. According to her sources, the update is codenamed "Mango".

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Nokia promises Windows Phone PureView

Tech.blorge: One more reason to resist writing off Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system for a little longer?
For those unaware of PureView it’s Nokia’s phone camera tech that makes the forthcoming 808 PureView handset capable of shooting at 41-megapixels. By using oversampling of 3-, 5-, or 8-megapixel shots, PureView produces huge images containing immense detail. Unfortunately the 808 will run on the Symbian operating system, which a lot of people aren’t too keen on.

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Microsoft Improves Windows Phone 7 for Mango

As you may have recently heard, Nokia has dropped the Ovi brand.

Now that this has happened, Nokia is making it’s name again by staying as one whole company, rather than breaching off into Ovi for its phone devices. This is a good idea, as we mentioned before, because it will become more recognisable, more supported and more ...

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Sahil4663d ago

What's with this stupid trend of naming OS builds after food?

searchbuzz4663d ago

So that we can say "That new operating system sounds delicious!"

Sahil4662d ago

haha.. we definately can :)


Ways Android Beats iOS, Windows, and Everything Else

Yahoo: Google's Maps application is simply the best out there. It's only going to get better with monthly updates that will add features and perfect the interface. Bing Maps on Windows Mobile is surprisingly good but it doesn't have the same layers and granular features as Google Maps.

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