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Author Slams eBook Piracy, Son Outs Her As a Music Pirate

TorrentFreak - As part of an article investigating the growing phenomenon of eBook piracy, a Scandinavian news outlet interviewed a 19 year-old self-confessed pirate who bragged about his activities. To counter his viewpoint a well known author contributed to the piece, stating that she abhors book piracy since it costs her huge amounts of money. However, her moral stance took a bit of a beating when her son let an embarrassing fact slip out.

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GodsHand4674d ago

LOL, double standards, or just another person who is out to get what he/she can for free.

I've downloaded plenty of programs, music, movies, and on occasion I do d/l music still. But I still purchase most of the items I enjoy. I prefer to demo/full something, then buy it, then buy it, then hope I can return it for a refund, because of the open merchandise policy most stores hold on items. Of course price also play a major role in many d/l items, some are just way to over priced to justify people to buy something.


Cleer Arc II Sport Headphones Review - Hardcore Droid

All in all, I’m a fan of the Cleer Arc II.T They’re brilliant at what they’re advertised for: being the ideal running companion.

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10 HP Printer Problems and How to Troubleshoot Them

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The clock is ticking for your Fitbit account, Google logins to start next week

Fitbit users will soon be able to sign into Fitbit using a Google account instead of a Fitbit account starting on June 6.

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