Epson and Thinxstream making PrintJinni wireless printing app available for free

Engadget: No doubt sensing a little heat from Apple's own AirPrint, Epson and Thinxstream have now announced that their PrintJinni wireless printing app for iOS devices will soon be available completely free of charge -- a permanent price drop, mind you, not simply a holiday promotion. Unfortunately, you can't grab it for free just yet, as it will still demand the regular $6.99 until the App Store processes the price change, which is apparently expected to happen before the end of the month.

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Here is why Epson will no longer sell laser printers by 2026

Recent announcements from Epson show a substantial change in the company's printing strategy, focusing on inkjet technology and a promise to leave the laser

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Epson's EpiqVision line is adding new projectors aimed directly at the streaming media market

We’re stuck indoors for the foreseeable future, while the pandemic rages on. Such is the nature of capitalism that it’s also never been a better time to release new entertainment options, like these new laser projectors from Epson.

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Epson EF-100 Projector Review – For the Great Outdoors | Fortress of Solitude

Epson’s first take on a portable and compact projector, the Epson EF-100, isn’t a bad one but it isn’t going to be winning many prizes.

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