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Aliph gets into the app game with Jawbone Thoughts voice messaging

Engadget - We know, it's a bit odd to see the Jawbone name attached to something other than a Bluetooth headset or speaker, but Aliph is forging into the application game with a new voice messaging service for iOS. Called Thoughts, the software is basically like text messaging or instant messaging with voice.

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Fitbit drops its attempt to ban Jawbone device sales

For once, the he-said-she-said legal fight between Fitbit and Jawbone appears to be simmering down. Jawbone tells us in a statement (below) that Fitbit has dropped its US International Trade Commission patent case, which sought to ban sales of Jawbone devices in the country. If you ask Jawbone, this ends "baseless" allegations that were meant solely as a "burden." This doesn't mean that the company will respond in kind (its accusations of trade secret theft will see trial in 2017), but it's one less battle to worry about. But why did Fitbit change its mind?

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SunnyZ2469d ago

wtf is fitbit and jawbone.
Oh never mind, I don't care.


U.S. trade judge clears Fitbit of stealing Jawbone's trade secrets

Fitbit Inc did not steal rival Jawbone's trade secrets, a U.S. International Trade Commission judge ruled on Tuesday, dashing Jawbone's hopes of securing an import ban against Fitbit's wearable fitness tracking devices.


Intel should buy Jawbone just for its fitness app

If recent reports are to be believed, Jawbone is in serious trouble after missing a payment to a creditor. Sources close to the company have denied it, but this isn't the first time we've heard such rumors. The Information reported earlier this week that the firm is running out of money and has put itself up for sale. If that's the case, then I can think of the perfect suitor: Intel.

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