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Will Anonymous Target Facebook Next?

Social media has been sucked into the cyberwar that's raging between now between the pro- and anti-WikiLeaks forces on the Net. Will Anonymous target Facebook next? Or does its support of the WikiLeaks page earn it a pass?

Speed-Racer4679d ago

Very unlikely considering they barely did any censorship.

Trizard4678d ago

Hmmm, banning all facebook accounts linked to Anonymous.

Speed-Racer4678d ago

Yea indeed..forgot that...but Facebook is simply too huge for them. Twitter survived the for FB..that would be a drop in the bucket.

lukejames11114677d ago


No, Anonymous did not attack Twitter because it's a means of communication. WikiLeaks communicate via Twitter, and attacking them would be like shooting themselves in the foot.

And even if they don't bring the site down, they would still cause them thousands of dollars worth of damage.

This is why PayPal gave in, we was costing them money. They released the funds to WikiLeaks so we stopped.

nskrishna24678d ago

Excuse me...can anyone please explain what this means?..

toaster4678d ago

It means that millions of people around the globe will not be able to play Farmville for a while.

DarkBlood4677d ago

lol my mom would go apeshit

Dellis4678d ago

This means the ruler of the internet is going to expose your entire life for all to see.

Why people use facebook anyways?, why would you want to expose your life to these attacks?

Danteh4677d ago

its called "being social", you know, talking to your friends to organize something, or to simply have fun.... lol -_-

cheetorb4677d ago

I hope so, Facebook is so gay. People compelled to tell the world all the mundane shit they do just so they can feel special. Why don't you go do something real. Bunch of virtual sheeple.


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