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Techgage: A Look at Futuremark's 3DMark 11

Every so often, usually at around the same time we all begin to appreciate the performance from our PCs, a benchmark comes along that turns us against them. We have Futuremark to thank for that, as it has been putting out some of the best PC-busting benchmarks for over ten years. During that time, the company has worked hard to make sure that its products remain in the virtual toolboxes of enthusiasts.

So far, the company has done a great job of that, as its products are used by novice to enthusiast PC users alike, and are also used as a baseline for overclocking competitions. To make sure that this never changes, the company has consistently released an updated version of its flagship 3DMark tool every couple of years. Its latest release, and eighth for the series, is 3DMark 11.

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fatstarr4833d ago

i wanna get this version and see how bad my computer is now... but i dont have any upgrade money lol.

toaster4833d ago

You need a DX11 card to run it, it is made for DX11. Try the free Basic version, though if your computer is weaksauce then don't be disappointed by the score :3


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 3DMark 11 Performance Revealed

ChipLoco: Here it is folks, the performance leak of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 by a member on ChipHell Forums. The member claims that its a factory overclocked variant of GTX 760. The GPU-Z posted by the forum is similar to the one that was leaked on ChipHell Forums earlier, which means that the specifications in our earlier report was that of an overclocked variant. Unfortunately, the user only posted NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 3DMark 11 performance scores but they are enough to compare them with that of GeForce GTX 670

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fatstarr3911d ago

they are prepped to come back, strike back against the AMD wave.


3DMark 11 - New Update Released

DSOGaming writes: "Futuremark sent us word that a new update for their gaming benchmark for DirectX 11 PCs, 3D Mark 2011, is currently available. This new version of 3D Mark 2011 is compatible and comparable with results produced by earlier versions and you can download it from its official website."

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OCClub: 3DMark 11 Performance Review

3DMark 11 is the next installment for Futuremark in the 3DMark series, with Vantage as its predecessor. The name implies that this benchmark is for Microsoft DirectX 11, and with an unintended coincidence, the name matches the upcoming date in number (which was the naming scheme to some prior versions of 3DMark nonetheless). 3DMark 11 is designed solely for DirectX 11, so Windows Vista or 7 are required along with a DirectX 11 graphics card in order to run this test.

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