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MaximumPC: Lab Testing Nvidia’s Holiday Gift: The GTX 570

The first feature-reduced version of the GTX 580 arrives, rendering the GTX 480 obsolete and body-slamming the Radeon HD 5870.

This is the silly season for PR presents. Technology writers and product reviewers receive boxes in the mail, sometimes elaborately giftwrapped, from public relations people in the industry. Usually, what we find inside are fruit, chocolate, calendars with generic photographs and assorted pastries. So when we got a gift box from Nvidia, we naturally thought it was one of the usual holiday PR gimmicks.

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RTX 4060 Ti vs RTX 1080 Ti

How does the RTX 4060 Ti compare with the ageing RTX 1080 Ti?


RTX 4060 Ti vs RTX 3070 Ti

The RTX 4060 Ti vs RTX 3070 Ti debate will be a heated one as the old card takes on Nvidia's newest entry in the 40 series lineup


"ChatGPT is the iPhone moment for Artificial Intelligence," says Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang

And he's right

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