Why does analog sound better than digital?

Cnet - Music was forever changed in 1983. Up to that year we had lived in a digital-audio-free world, where musicians and the music industry flourished in a state of pure analog bliss. Vast numbers of people actually listened to music--without doing anything else--on a regular basis.

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Mmmkay4270d ago

stupid is what stupid does.

snoop_dizzle4271d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

That's rather vague, though the article does clarify a bit more on the difference between analog and digital. It really depends on how good the analog or digital source/recording is and what it's being played on. For instance, I recently bought an album in 88Hz/24bit and it sounds absolutely amazing, but I'm also playing it on a solid receiver (Marantz SR6003). A high quality source like Vinyl will sound excellent, and have its own unique sound (that some love or hate), but digital can be amazing at high end especially if you have a good sound system.

I have wanted to try Vinyl though, and there is a niche growing for Vinyl again, fortunately.