Car Jacker Busted 10 Minutes After The Heist Thanks To An Android App

It’s gettin’ hard out here for a car jacker, folks. It used to be that you just roll up, knock on a window, be threatening in one way or another, and bam — you’ve got a new and totally unearned ride.

Nowadays, though, you’ve got all this new fangled technology to worry about. Lojack. OnStar. Oh, you didn’t notice the smartphone sitting in the cupholder? Enjoy county lockdown, bub. Such is the case for one lucky gent, who was able to send cops to his car less than 10 minutes after it was jacked, thanks to an app running on his Android phone.

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Sunny_D4318d ago

Man, technology is definitely a life saver, when stories like these pop up. It shows how technology can be used for good and how it can be also used for evil if we aren't careful.

TheColbertinator4318d ago

Hahahaha that chump got owned.Those apps are getting so crazy now that any crime requires second considerations like bank robbing,store theft,grand theft auto and even purse snatching