PlayStation Phone Videos; Zeus Z1 is PlayStation App and XMB Equipped

It’s been called the PlayStation Phone, but it’s really not. It’s actually the Sony Ericsson Zeus Z1, a PlayStation button-equipped, Android-based smart phone that is due to be officially revealed soon. Two videos of the phone/PlayStation hybrid in action have surfaced, one of which shows a PlayStation app that features an XMB and access to a game library. And though the phone is a Sony Ericsson branded phone, it’s quite apparent that it is made to run PlayStation games.

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doctorstrange4314d ago

That pretty much confirms it. Thank god I got a 12 month contract on my iPhone, I really gotta have it.

Sev4314d ago

I just got a new Droid 2 Global, so this is out of the question. Verizon usually doesn't have Sony Ericsson phones anyway.

I'll just buy one of these bad boys and use it via Wifi. It'll probably be around $500, but I don't really care. I... MUST... HAVE IT...

doctorstrange4314d ago

$500 phones = £500 phones, despite that making no sense. Looks like I'm going to have to be finding other sources of income.

*Types "How to sell a kidney" into Google*

Guwapo774313d ago

I just gotta see how this stacks up to whats currently on the market. And mostly, what type of games will be made for it. Ported PS 1/2 games or games specifically designed for the phone...

Next time you leak some information, leak some REAL information.